The future of industrial enterprise promises a world focused on the co-operation between humans and machines to deliver the pinnacle of consumer personalization, worker safety, and energy efficiency.

To get there, we’ll need to connect trillions of devices and sensors with high performance computers to process data.
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IIoT connects to mission critical systems and infrastructure. The typical cyber security rules no longer apply..
Enabling the industrial Internet of things (IIoT) is not a trivial task:


The industrial enterprise must support deploying computers to the harshest of operating environments.


Public network backhaul and local deployments of public cloud make the price of scaling IIoT too expensive.



EDJX allows industrial enterprise customers to deploy and securely interconnect thousands of low cost high performance computers next to devices and sensors to enable the next generation of plant automation, energy efficiency, and worker safety applications.
Oil and Gas
Utilize highly ruggedized and secure EdjPod Nanoservers under any environmental condition to power solutions like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and augmented reality in the field.
Perform advanced calculations on data-intensive applications such as video monitoring and control systems that can't handle latency.
Enable and accelerate advanced research and development with the latest tools and services at the edge.
Supply Chain & Logistics
Record critical asset and sensor information on EDJX Notary distributed ledger for data immutability and integrate event driven code to build end to end lifecycle solutions and systems
Health Care
Leverage the power of cloud services behind your firewall to deliver fully compliant and secure edge computing to enable your healthcare IoT solutions.
Enhanced video and real-time predictive customer analytics to drive point-of-sale transactions.