Accelerate your website, downloads, and apps using our global edge platform.

Edge Caching

Faster page load times with less origin traffic.

EDJX’s unique, global peer-to-peer edge network delivers content closer to users than ever before, reducing page load times for your users while reducing load on your servers.

Edge Proxying
Edge Proxying

Transparenly accelerate your dynamic content.

EDJX’s edge mesh network nodes maintain persistent connections among themselves and your origin servers, reducing time to first byte for uncachable content.

Geo Routing

Automatically route users to the closest edge services.

EDJX’s patent-pending georouting technology accurately directs users to the closest available edge node, reducing latency and ensuring the best possible performance.

Edge SSL

Simply and securely encrypt traffic to your site and offload origin servers.

Prevent data theft and unauthorized tampering by securing web traffic at the edge. EDJX makes it easy to run global SSL encryption without overwhelming the cpus of origin servers.

Compression Offload

Reduce network bandwidth and speed up your site.

EDJX transparently compresses content when possible without burdening origin servers, accelerating page loads and improving user experiences.

Compression Offload
Request Routing

Customize delivery at the edge and avoid origin round-trips.

EDJX lets you configure custom rewrite and redirect rules for URLs, giving you better control over content while reducing origin round-trips.


EDJX Network

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