Edge Systems
Rapidly deploy and monetize edge and CDN services with our sustainable, pre-integrated infrastructure.
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Meet the
EdjBlock Line

Bring workloads, applications, and content closer to end-users and connected things.
The need to build low-latency applications and process huge amounts of data is driving unprecedented demand for edge computing. Scaling efficiently is and sustainably is now more important than ever.

EdjBlock is a pre-integrated, converged edge infrastructure solution that delivers distributed CDN, DNS, Serverless, and Serverless Database capabilities out of the box.

When powered on and connected to a network, EdjBlocks immediately form a peer-to-peer mesh, delivering edge cloud services out-of-the-box with virtually zero configuration.
Reduced TCO
Slash the cost of deploying edge computing by more than 50% with our sustainable edge infrastructure.
Rapid Deployment
Simplify your infrastructure with pre-integrated edge computing blocks that auto-configure and scale seamlessly.
Edge Hardened
Deploy edge computing anywhere, from the data center, to the factory floor, to the telephone pole and everywhere in between.
EdjBlock Rack
Scale-out edge systems for data centers and POPs.
Architecturally consistent, pre-integrated rack solutions provide hyperscale, rapid deployment of computing and storage capacity in typical computing environments.
EdjBlock Micro
Edge in a box for offices, manufacturing, retail, and more.
Now you can bring powerful edge computing to any indoor location without special power, cooling, networking. EdjBlock Micro includes computing, storage, and networking in a simple, portable, and secure enclosure.
EdjBlock Nano
Ultra hardened nano server infrastructure for the toughest mobile and industrial use cases.
Put edge computing almost anywhere. Weighing in at just 3.2lbs, EdjBlock Nano includes up to 3 microservers in a single enclosure that is passively cooled, water tight, and built like an anvil.
EdjBlock Rack and EdjBlock Micro solutions are built on Sesame by ITRenew hardware, which brings best-in-class hyperscale technology and disruptive economics to edge infrastructure.
Today, the IT industry remains one the largest producers of toxic waste and consumers of rare earth materials. That's why we partnered with ITRenew who remanufactures lightly used hyperscale computing gear into innovative new form factors reborn and warranted as new.

Now, our disruptive model is enabling to us to deploy and operationalize points-of-presence all over the world, while still protecting our planet.
Sustainable Edge Infrastructure
We're building the world's biggest edge delivery network almost entirely from recycled servers.

Use Cases

Data Center Operators
Turn your data center reale state and power into a revenue opportunity by rapidly deploying EdjBlocks to monetize edge cloud services.
Turn your 5G and LTE platforms into full blown CDNs and edge clouds to accelerate content delivery and edge applications.
Systems Integrators
Help your customers solve their IoT challenges by deploying the most cost-effective and sustainable edge computing solutions.
Reduce the complexity and time-to-value of your IoT projects so your can focus more on innovation and less on infrastructure.
Create advanced, edge analytics, modernize automation and controls, and improve worker safety and productivity.
Increase customer satisfaction, drive sales, and increase productivity across retail, warehouse, inventory, and shipping.