Fast, secure, and reliable global DNS service with nearly instant updates.
Special Limited Offer: Get 12 months FREE service when you join the EDJX Limited Beta Program (a $2400 value) – only 100 applicants will be accepted.
Global DNS
Make sure your website and apps are always online.
Ensure your content and apps are up and running with EDJX's globally distributed DNS service that's faster, safer, and more flexible than running your own servers.
Geo Routing
Create a better user experience with faster responses.
Direct your traffic based on the geolocation of users and connected things. EDJX's intelligent network routing updates continuously to optimize your performance for edge users and devices.
Fast Updates
Sync DNS updates worldwide within a few seconds.
No more waiting hours for DNS to propagate. EDJX DNS service synchronizes near-instantly around the world to minimize your downtime.
Fully Managed
Monitored and supported 24/7 by our operations team.
Rest assured knowing that EDJX is keeping your critical services running days, nights, weekends, and holidays.
Users are directed to the closest low-latency DNS server for sub-millescond responses.
Auto-scaling handles unexpected traffic bursts and denial-of-service attacks.
Your domain records are securely encrypted on and served from our peer-to-peer ledger.
Worldwide, replicated DNS service keeps your critical services accessible.
Simple web console, API, and CLI makes DNS administration a snap.
Direct users and traffic to the best resources based on geographic location.
Everything is included. You'll never get a surprise bill with EDJX's simple, bundled pricing.
CDN – 100GB/Mo
DNS – 200K/Mo
Serverless – 5M / Mo
Object Storage – 100GB
Coming Soon
CDN – 1TB/Mo
DNS – 2M/Mo
Serverless – 10M/ Mo
Object Storage – 1TB
Coming Soon
  • CDN – 100TB+ / Mo
    DNS – 10M+ / Mo
    Serverless – 1B+ / Mo
    Object Storage – 100TB+
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the limited beta program?
EDJX is currently in the process of rolling out its global edge computing platform which we expect to complete during 2021. During this time we're offering 12 months of free service at our Professional Plan tier where customers can get early experience with platform features, provide feedback, and suggest product enhancements (a $2400 value). The program is limited to 100 qualified participants. Chosen participants will be contacted by email and must agree to the Terms and Conditions, Acceptable Use Policy, Privacy Policy, and Software License Agreement.
Who is eligible to participate in the limited beta program?
The limited beta is open to professional web, enterprise, and IoT developers who spend (or who's employer spends) a combined $2000/year or more on public cloud or web hosting services. EDJX will select up to 100 program participants from the pool of eligible applicants at it's sole discretion and determination.
How do I apply for the limited beta program?
Simply click this link to fill out the short application form. You will receive an email confirmation confirming your submission. You must use a valid email address at your company's domain. Sorry, but no Gmail, Yahoo!, or other anonymous email addreses are accepted.
Why is the limited beta program restricted to 100 participants?
During our worldwide production rollout, some of our points-of-presence have limited capacity. Limiting the number of participants ensures that we can provide the kind of speed, agility, and reliabiltiy developers expect.
Are EDJX services production-ready during the limited beta?
Yes, with certain limitations. As a beta participant, we want you to run real traffic and workloads on the EDJX platform. For this reason, EDJX is targeting 99.5% service availability during the limited beta. As is typical for beta software, we're still making changes to improve features, performance, and quality, so you may encounter more bugs or outages compared to older services. We recommend careful testing of the EDJX platform before deploying to production, along with using a simple failover strategy as a best practice. (If you need help setting that up, an EDJX Solution Architect will be happy to help you.)
Join the Beta
Don't Miss This: Get 12 months FREE service when you join the EDJX Limited
Beta Program (a $2400 value) – only 100 applicants will be accepted.