System Integrators

Infinitely scalable for the Edge

Your customers trust you to build their applications, based on your capabilities and expertise. 

They expect you to know the latest technologies, time and cost-saving trends for their applications. Edge computing is the next wave, and nearly every customer needs an edge strategy.  

The cloud (Internet 3.0) has been highly impactful. It’s centralized, easy to deploy, and generally very reliable.  But what if a day came when the cloud became overloaded with requests and latency started to be a real problem for your customers? That day is coming soon. IT industry experts expect a trillion devices to be online by 2030. There is simply not enough connectivity and data processing capacity in data centers to process this massive amount of traffic. This is where the edge comes in. If there is a computer processing requests and providing storage locally, then reliance on data centers and rapidly saturating fiber channels is minimized. What’s more, low latency applications such as drones, traffic management, and safety must rely on edge computing. Future proofing your clients’ next solution by utilizing the EDJX platform is the answer.

When you build an application on the EDJX platform, it’s automatically configured to run at the closest compute node to where the function needs to run through a patented process we call “smart routing”.  This gives your client’s applications superpowers because it future-proofs their software for the edge.  If lower latency is needed in the future, you can simply install additional EdjBlocks where your customer needs them.  As a systems integrator, this gives you a huge advantage over your competitors. Not only can you quickly code and deploy applications on our platform, but you can speed the applications up simply by adding EdjBlocks nearby. EdjBlocks run all your clients’ applications, now and in the future, so your clients will rely on you for upgrades and enhancements. Additionally, EDJX EdjBlocks can integrate directly with sensors or IoT endpoints through direct POE hosting, so you can meet an unlimited range of client demands.

There are other serverless platforms on the market, and you may be deploying on these platforms for your clients today.  However, EDJX has the only peer-to-peer platform with an integrated operating system. Our security model is incredibly robust, and our unique architecture means your clients’ deployments are infinitely scalable to the edge. System integrators that acquire a proficiency for deploying applications and sensors on the EDJX platform will have a unique advantage over others.  For more information or to become a preferred EDJX Partner, please Contact Us.