State of Serverless Developer Survey 2021

EDJX State of Serverless Developer Survey 2021

Serverless computing is an execution model for the cloud that eliminates the need to provision and manage infrastructure components (servers, databases, queues, and even containers), allowing teams to focus on writing code while minimizing their operational overhead. Since serverless functions are event-driven, the code is invoked only when triggered by a request.

Serverless Edge for EDJX means developers can quickly build blazing fast edge apps that deploy and scale instantly. Developers can create powerful, low-latency edge and IoT apps using serverless functions that run at EDJX’s global network edge, writing code in Javascript, C, C++, Rust, Go, Python, and more. Build faster apps – and create more vibrant, responsive apps – by running server-side code closer to users and connected things.

EDJX recently worked with Topio Networks to survey over 500 edge developers, research the rate of serverless adoption, industry, and use cases driving serverless trends, habits, and types of applications being deployed.

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State of Serverless Developer Survey

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