Sensor Hosting

Bring your sensors as close to compute as possible.


Make your sensor exclusively available to your functions.

Our patented mesh edge node network finds the best and closest compute node to ensure your application runs at the lowest latency.

You configure your application on our console to destroy the unnecessary data and only backhaul your most valuable data (which you can sell) to your cloud or data warehouse, or even a database you host with EDJX.

 Host Your Sensors


Use EdjBlock via a Power over Ethernet (PoE) connection to host your sensor.

You tell us where you want it, and we will install an EdjBlock to host your sensor. We negotiate the rent, connectivity, and power for you.

You pay us a monthly fee to host your sensor each month. 

Host Your Sensors

Build Smart Cities

EDJX helps smart cities, hospitals, real estate, transportation and municipalities realize the intelligent technologies designed to improve quality of life, community interaction, and public safety.


Access points can be positioned as needed, when needed.


Networks can be scaled up with ease to add more devices in different locations.

Monitor Performance

IoT connects to mission critical systems and infrastructure. The typical cyber security rules no longer apply.

Reduced Complexity

EDJX enables IoT developers to process critical information at the source of creation, cutting out network cost and reducing latency.


There's no longer a need to worry about electrical power installation time and expense. You tell us where you want it, and we will install an EdjBlock to host your sensor. 

Examples of sensors that can be hosted at the edge

  • Sonic sensors for gunshot detection applications

  • Drone landing pads or NFC sensors

  • Cameras

  • Lidar sensors

  • Air quality and other climate sensors

  • Flood sensors

  • Water level sensors

  • Wildfire detection sensors