EDJX and Cubic Corporation Partner to Launch the Internet of Military Things Edge Platform

Blueforce Development to become the first certified application provider for the Autonomy Institute Alpha Lab at Austin's Camp Mabry Texas Military Department.

RALEIGH, North Carolina, September 23, 2021 — EDJX, the pioneer in distributed computing services at the edge, and Cubic Corporation, the market leader in networked Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) technology, today announced a strategic partnership to launch the world’s first Internet of Military Things (IoMTTM) Edge Platform.

The Internet of Military Things Edge Platform is a converged infrastructure solution consisting of EDJX EdjOS with Cubic Corporation’s edge compute and networking hardware. Blueforce Development, a leading innovator in sensor fusion, sensor cueing, and Artificial and Predictive Intelligence software at the edge, will become the first certified application developer on the IoMTTM Platform. The Internet of Military Things Edge Platform, which has significant implications for IoT and advanced AI solutions at the far edge of the network, is the first major solution to be built on the Autonomy Institute GRID that includes Public Infrastructure Network Node (PINN), announced earlier this year. The Autonomy Institute is the conduit for these technologies combining to form a transformational end-to-end IoT solution from base to battlefield, solving immediate challenges for the military and civilian first responders.

The IoMTTM  Platform will launch on the Autonomy Institute Alpha Lab at Texas Military Department’s (TMD) Camp Mabry in Austin, TX, coinciding with the deployment of PINN infrastructure. The PINN is the first unified open standard to support 5G wireless, Edge Computing, Radar, Lidar, enhanced GPS, and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and solves current infrastructure challenges.

The Autonomy Institute Alpha Lab at Camp Mabry will be available to developers to build, test and deploy next generation IoT solutions providing the blueprint for public safety, military and civilian use cases. The Alpha Lab is part of operationalizing the PINN, which will have significant implications for public safety and disaster response. PINNs will enable first responders to accelerate emergency and disaster response with intelligent infrastructure and facilitate humanitarian assistance with disaster relief and domestic operations.

The IoMTTM Edge Platform is part of the broader future of AI at the edge and IoT story as a key proof point in an emerging market. IoT and 5G marks AI at the edge, the processing of AI algorithms on edge, on users’ devices. IoMTTM is an emerging application of this technology, transforming military security and connectivity.

“We are excited to support the launch of the Autonomy Institute Alpha Lab. Camp Mabry and the Texas National Guard have become a center of gravity for research and innovation. We are continually looking to leverage and accelerate the adoption of new commercial technology and novel architecture deployments like the PINNs. This Lab will help bring the concept of the Internet of Military Things to fruition by acting as a pathfinder for our systems to connect, share data, and learn. As a nation, we need to move faster if we are to meet the challenges of tomorrow,” said Lt. Col. Alex Goldberg, Southwest Region Engagement Lead for the Defense Innovation Unit.

“The EDJX platform is a quantum leap in the field of edge computing because it enables our intelligent IoT and C2 application products to scale from base to battlefield, reducing cognitive lift while increasing the tempo of operations for members of the military and our first responders,” said Michael Helfrich, Founder and CEO of Blueforce Development. “Military and first responders need actionable intelligence for superior decision-making, where access to data and the fidelity of information is critical to decision-making in time-constrained decision environments.”

Service members and first responders make quick decisions for mission success and for the safety and security of others who depend on those decisions. These individuals operate under intermittent connectivity, weighty and complex gear, and with limited time to assess an environment before acting. The proliferation of sensors, unnamed vehicles, command posts, and mobile-enabled ground troops has resulted in a battle space that is increasingly complex and sophisticated. Edge computing enables data processing at the tactical edge by decentralizing decision-making changes, bringing the powers of data to the field, providing better information for the military and civilian first responders.

“Our innovative compute and networking platforms have been enabling allied forces around the world to benefit from the emerging Internet of Military Things over recent years. Our partnership with EDJX and Blueforce Development will greatly accelerate the proliferation of intelligent and autonomous solutions,” said Mike Barthlow, SVP & GM, Cubic Mission Communications and Computing. “We are excited to team up with EDJX, Blueforce, and the Autonomy Institute Alpha Lab at Camp Mabry to expand our vision for the safety and security for those operating at the tactical edge.”

The tactical edge comprises the platforms, sites, and personnel (U.S. military, allied, coalition partners, first responders) operating at lethal risk in a battlespace or a crisis environment characterized by a dependence on information systems and connectivity for survival and mission success. Users are fully engaged, highly stressed, and dependent on their information systems’ availability, integrity, and transparency.

“Launching the IoMT Edge Platform in partnership with Cubic ushers in the era of Industry 4.0 by bringing all of the key ingredients missing in the pursuit of mobile, intelligent, and autonomous systems development,” said John Cowan, EDJX co-founder and CEO. “Innovation will be at the heart of this project and we are excited to work with leading innovators like Blueforce and the Autonomy Institute in the effort to create the future.”

Sign up to attend the roundtable discussion, Critical Infrastructure At The Edge. Roundtable panelists include John Cowan, CEO and Co-founder, EDJX; Jeffrey DeCoux, Chairman, Autonomy Institute; Michael Helfrich, CEO and Founder, Blueforce Development; Mike Barthlow, SVP, Cubic Corporation; Major General (ret.) James K. “Red” Brown, Deputy Commanding General, Army National Guard for United States Army Forces Command. Moderator: Laura Roman PhD, CMO, EDJX.

About EDJX
EDJX is an edge computing platform that makes it easy to write edge and IoT applications using serverless computing, accelerate content delivery, increase the responsiveness of edge applications, and secure edge data at the source. EDJX helps businesses handle the explosive demand for data processing to serve real-world edge computing applications, including industrial IoT, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and robotics. Led by cloud industry veterans John Cowan and James Thomason, EDJX is a privately held company based in Raleigh, NC. Visit EDJX and follow EDJX on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Cubic Corporation
Guided by continuous customer collaboration, Cubic Mission Communications and Computing is reshaping multi-domain operations through mission-inspired solutions that are big on performance but small in size. Our reduced size, weight, and power (SWaP), modular designs, and class-leading scalability combined with the latest satellite, cellular, and radio frequency (RF) technology ensure our users can meet the emerging Internet of Military Things requirements, both now and into the future. On land, at sea, or in the air, our solutions are faster to deploy, easier to learn, and simpler to use. Cubic Mission Communications and Computing is a business unit of Cubic Mission and Performance Solutions, a Cubic Corporation division. For more information about Cubic, please visit the company’s website at www.cubic.com or on Twitter @CubicCorp.

About Blueforce Development Corporation
Blueforce Development is a turnkey IoT/sensor communication platform that delivers shared and real-time actionable insights to provide rapid, secure, intelligent connectivity between people, sensors, and systems… in edge-based IoT environments… to accelerate and enhance decision making. More information can be found at blueforcedev.com or by calling Blueforce at 866-960-0204.

About Autonomy Institute
Autonomy Institute is a cooperative research consortium focused on advancing and accelerating Autonomy and AI at the edge. Autonomy Institute aligns government, industry, academia, and the public to create the policies, industry, jobs, and community benefits of autonomy, starting with Intelligent and Autonomous Infrastructure. Investment in a twenty-first century Intelligent and Autonomous infrastructure is among the highest priorities for stimulating economic and job growth. Autonomy Institute’s deployment of the Public Infrastructure Network Node (PINN) will be as critical to a city as roads, power, telecommunications, and water infrastructure. Learn more about PINN at Autonomy.institute and follow Autonomy Institute on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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