IoT Sensor Hosting

Your software CAN communicate with your sensors

EDJX is the Easy Button for IoT sensor hosting. Our EdjBlocks directly host sensors, and your software written on our platform can directly communicate with your sensor. The benefit is that all your data processing can occur at the edge and you backhaul only the most actionable data to your data warehouse in the cloud. Here are some examples of sensors that can be hosted at the edge:

  • Sonic sensors for gunshot detection applications

  • Drone landing pads or NFC sensors

  • Cameras

  • Lidar sensors

  • Air quality and other climate sensors

  • Flood sensors

  • Water level sensors

  • Wildfire detection sensors

  • And many more

In most applications, the EdjBlock is located nearby the sensor, and the sensor connects to the EdjBlock via a PoE cat5e or higher cable. We design our EdjBlocks to support up to 90 watts per port, although we can make more power available to the sensor. Our EdjBlocks handle all the communications back to the internet through 5G femtocells, 4G, 3G, wifi, fiber, or even satellite links, based on what’s available. You simply build your software on our serverless at edge EDJX Platform, and it automatically runs at the closest available node to the user. In the case of sensor hosting, the user is the sensor itself.

We have an extensive network of tower companies, rooftop companies, fiber COs, and will help you get your sensor installed in the location that works for you. Pricing starts at $500 per month, plus installation and platform usage fees. 

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