With EdjCDN, your data is stored closest to you by way of the EDJX pPeer-to-pPeer (P2P) nNetwork. When you enable EdjCDN to be your proxy server, EDJX IP addresses are returned instead of your origin IP address. 

When a record has proxy enabled, the EDJX platform provides the following benefits: 

  • Caches data, speeding up common requests 

  • Stores HTTPS certificates on the EDJX servers 

EdjCDN provides two methods to manage a domain’s SSL certificate: custom or managed.

The custom method allows developers to upload a valid SSL certificate to EdjCDN  and you will self-manage the expiration and renewal. 

The managed method allows developers to use the EdjCDN SSL certificate auto-generation and management feature. With this feature, EdjCDN manages the generation, expiration, and renewal of the domain's SSL certificate. 


  • Cache content to reduce page load times 

  • Edge Proxy for Node persistent connections 

  • Improve hosted sites with encrypted web traffic 

  • Uses Anycast routing to configure custom rewrite and redirect rules for URLs